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Bunny Self Help
4 page non-fiction comic about using affirmations to overcome negative core beliefs. (2015)
The Laffheads
13 page comic about my family. Very fictionalized! (2012)

The Legend of Acornhead
Fantasy webcomic created with Keaton Kohl and Setefan Jolet. (2012-2013)

MFA Thesis
10 page comic about The Legend of Acornhead, my MFA thesis project. In the style of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. (2013)
Icons in MAUS
This was a 5 page comic I did for my Graphic Novel class at CCAD. The topic is the use of 2 specific icons in the graphic novel MAUS. It's in the style of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. (2012)
One Leg Left
I did this 10 page story for the anthology Parable. The story is based on a baptism that I performed in Argentina in 1998. (2007)
Scary Thoughts
This was a short story that I did for the anthology Project: Romantic. This is a wordless comic, so it reads REALLY fast. (2006)
One Page (or shorter) Comics
A few comic strips and one page comics that I have done over the years. (2005-Present)
Unicorn Girl
I originally did this one for YAND: Volume 2. This comes from my love of sci-fi and fantasy novels. (2006)
A 50 page comic that I did for my final BFA project in college. In case the page count sounds daunting, I don't use a lot of words for this one, it seems more like a pilot episode for a kids TV show, than a graphic novella. I really enjoyed working on this and designing the characters based on sculpture from the tombs of western Mexico. There is also an Olmec character as well, but everyone else is western Mexican. (2005)
Dr. Fizzybanks
A10 page comic idea that I had a few years back. It's been on the backburner for a while. (2008)
The Acker Brothers
This is a dumb story that I did for the anthology Fluke #6. I like a couple of things here, the rest is kind of rushed. (2007)
Emo Kids
Rather than do a single illustration for a final project in one of my classes in school, I did a comic about a friend of mine, my brother-in-law and me. (I am the stupid one that eats the sandwich.) I know that we are not very traditionally emo, but I liked to talk about emo stuff at the time, and we were way more emo than the majority of students at Brigham Young University - Idaho. Most of this comic is based on a couple of conversations I had with these two guys. (2004)
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